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Unleashed hell during Halloween the Villains VIII

UNLEASHED HELL during Halloween the Villains VIII

Halloween the Villains VIII

Online tickets do not include service charges.

Date: 27-10-2023 & 28-10-2023
Time: 19.00 P.M tot 00.00 A.M.
Ticket price: €26,00 per person

Want to have a good time horrifying on Halloween? That’s sure to be the case when you visit Halloween The Villains VIII. The world gardens of Mondo Verde in Landgraaf transform into an ominous area with a wide variety of scare zones, and scare actors who will scare the hell out of you.

This 8th edition has 6 major scare zones based on this edition’s theme: Unleashed Hell!

Curious about the 6 major scare zones?

  • The Last Hope
  • Forest Creeps
  • Hellfire (walkthrough zone)
  • Hellraiser Maze
  • Cinema 666
  • Joyland

New this edition: Haunted House “FREAK HOUSE” with Live Action Show!
There is 1 fairground attraction! This Funhouse you enter with live actors!

Halloween the Villains VIII contains more than 150 scare actors, 6 scarezones (incl. 3 haunted houses) and walking/resident Villains. Outside the scare zones, you can also get startled, or have your picture taken with the walking actors.

To recover a bit, there are of course several catering establishments for a snack and a drink, not to mention the fun attractions that are open all evening. Of course, you may also visit this event in disguise yourself. However, wearing masks and props (such as fake weapons) is not allowed!

Practical information about Halloween the Villains VIII:
  • At 07.00 P.M., Mondo Verde opens its gates for a fun and exciting walk through the park. The park closes at 00:00 A.M..
  • Anyone attending the Halloween the Villains VIII must purchase a ticket.
  • This event takes place outside of the park’s regular opening hours, therefore season ticket holders must also purchase a ticket.
  • This event occurs outside the regular opening hours of the park, therefore the All You Can Eat concept does not apply.
  • Mondo Verde has its own paid parking lot. A parking token costs €5.00 per car. Parking is not included in the entrance ticket.
  • To visit the event as a (hobby) photographer or cameraman, please contact for more information and conditions..
  • This event is wheelchair accessible. Moreover, Mondo Verde’s parking lot also has disabled parking spaces and is right next to the park entrance. A parking token costs €5.00 per car. In the park there are paved paths and the Tropical Paradise has a lies. In addition, there are special facilities such as adapted toilets. PLEASE NOTE: The area Cinema 666 is unfortunately not suitable for wheelchairs!
  • During Halloween the Villains VIII, the Park Regulations van toepassing.
  • Carrying (fake) weapons or other dangerous objects is prohibited. We reserve the right to remove the possessor from the premises, possibly in cooperation with the police.
  • People found to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, acting or being in possession of narcotics, or disrupting order in any other way, may be refused entry or denied access without any claim to compensation.
  • Vandalism and/or destruction, physical or verbal violence, or other undesirable behavior towards other visitors and our staff will not be tolerated. People guilty of such behavior will be removed from the premises if necessary with the help of the police. If you cause damage, you will be held liable.
  • Food, drink and bringing glassware is not allowed in scare zones and during horror acts.
  • It is not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages and/or drugs into the park. This will be strictly checked upon entry.
  • The use of flashlights, telephones and laser pens in the scare zones is prohibited!
  • Please respect our scare actors and do not touch them.
  • Masks and unrecognizable make-up/grime are not allowed.
  • Entering the event is entirely at your own risk.
  • No photography or filming is allowed in the scare zones, unless in consultation with the organization.
  • Parking is at your own risk.
  • The organization reserves the right to deny access at all times.
What is Halloween the Villains?

Halloween The Villains is a big event in South Limburg. Halloween freaks from the south always had to travel far to enjoy a cool Halloween event. They also had to pay a lot of money for tickets. From now on this is no longer necessary!

Affordable tickets, accessible for young and old and in a beautiful location: Mondo Verde. The organization is in the hands of Twilight Fantasy Productions. During this super event more than 150 actors and different scare zones will make sure that nobody will feel safe anymore!

When is the event Halloween the Villains?

On Friday, Oct. 27 and Saturday, Oct. 28, from 19:00 P.M. to 00:00 A.M., nightmares will become reality during Halloween The Villains. All attractions will also be open, including the Havana Spinning Adventure, Treno, Mondo Volare, El Niño, etc..

What are (scare) zones?

(Scare) zones are themed areas in the park where actors walk around making sure you you have a super fun Halloween! All (scare) zones are included in the ticket, so are free to visit during the opening hours of the event.

Where can I spend the night near Mondo Verde?

There are several options for booking a hotel or camping. Search on Google for “staying overnight near Mondo Verde Landgraaf”.

Is Halloween the Villains suitable for small children?

The scare zones are absolutely not suitable for small children/ The recommended age is 16+! We strongly advise against visiting these scare zones with children under the age of 12. These can cause nightmares. We are not liable if you do decide to visit these zones with small children. You will be warned again upon entering the park. For children under 12, you can visit the very fun Halloween The Little Villains on Oct. 21.

Recap of Halloween the Villains VII (2022):