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Frequent Asked Questions


You will find the rates in the link below.

The child admission price applies to children ages 3 through 12. Children under 3 years of age have free admission. If there is any doubt about age, Mondo Verde reserves the right to ask for proof of identity. If no document is provided, Mondo Verde may charge the child or adult entrance fee.

It is not mandatory to print the e-ticket. It is better to download the ticket in advance (with the QR code and barcode). At the Ticketing Office, we sometimes experience poor telecommunication connection. If the tickets have not been downloaded in advance, our staff may ask you to step out of line and look for the tickets, to ensure a better flow.

No, unfortunately Mondo Verde does not give a discount for a birthday.

The admission tickets for a visit can be purchased through the link below or at the Ticketing Office on the day of your visit.

Yes, you can “convert” your ticket* into a season ticket. The value of the ticket (excluding the All You Can Eat) will be deducted from the season ticket amount. You will need to pay the remaining amount by pin or cash. However, this can only be done on the day of your visit within the opening hours at the Ticketing Office. You will receive a form from a staff member on which you must fill in the necessary details.

*If you have bought a ticket of one of our partners, you can ask at the Ticketing Office which additional amount you have to pay to get a season ticket.

On the day of your visit, bring your season pass (of the affiliated park of Dier & Park). You show this to the Ticketing Office. The employee will check if the season ticket is still valid, and the predetermined discount will be given.

The companion of a self-brought wheelchair, is entitled to companion discount.
The individual in the wheelchair must pay the normal entrance fee.

Entrance and Parking

You do not need to make reservations in advance, but you can just visit us.

One pay parking space (€8,50) is accessible.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to charge electric cars in Mondo Verde. The electric charging station in the bus parking lot is reserved for Management of Mondo Verde.

The gift voucher can be spent at the Ticketing Office, Tuscan Villa and Alhambra. The gift voucher must be used at once. The remaining amount will not be refunded in cash or by pin. Also, no new gift voucher will be established with any remaining amount.

In Mondo Verde, wearing a mouth mask is not mandatory. In addition, the 1.5-meter rule no longer applies.

Yes. The restrooms at the Reception, Tuscan Villa and Alhambra are equipped with changing tables. In addition, microwaves for heating baby food are available in Tuscan Villa and Alhambra.

For current opening hours, click on the link below.

Mondo Verde’s Address: Groene Wereld 10, 6372 PW Landgraaf, Netherlands.

It is prohibited to spend the night in the Mondo Verde parking lot.

No, as of Friday, Feb. 25, 2022, it is no longer necessary to show a COVID-pass for your visit to Mondo Verde.

Mondo Verde unfortunately does not have its own wheelchairs available.

No. For your safety and for the welfare of our animals, pets are not allowed. There is also no kennel available. Are you accompanied by an assistance dog? Please contact Reception in advance at


Yes, in Mondo Verde you will find a variety of restaurants with different dishes. It is also possible to eat inside or outside.

Every visitor has paid for All You Can Eat. As a result, you do not receive a band, nor do you have to show the receipt at the restaurants.

We have 4 restaurants. At the Tuscan Villa you will obtain pasta (bolognese, cream sauce and vegetarian sauce), vegetable soup, tomato soup, sandwiches (cheese, ham, salami and bologna sausage), lemonade and hot drinks. These food and beverages are included in the All You Can Eat system. At the Rice Truck a staff member will offer you rice (chicken curry, sweet and sour sauce and vegetarian sauce), lemonade and hot drinks. These food and beverages are included in the All You Can Eat. You will see the Pancake stand, when you explore the attractions. Here you can obtain pancakes (plain, with syrup or with powdered sugar) and slush ice cream (if you purchase a €1,50 cup). These food and beverages are included in the All You Can Eat system. When you visit the Alhambra, you obtain hot drinks, which are included in the All You Can Eat system. You do not need to show a receipt for these products. You are allowed 2 portions (food items) and 2 drinks per person each time. In addition, you may return as often as you want. The French fries and snacks are subject to a fee.

Map of the park

Yes, maps of the park can be purchased at the Reception for €2,00 each.


It is only allowed to feed animals where there is a feeder. With the other animals, it is strictly prohibited to feed the animals. If this rule is not adhered, we have the right to enforce, in which case there is no right to a refund of funds.

Yes, it is possible to symbolically adopt animals. You will find more information via the link below.


Each attraction has a different length measurement. That’s why it’s probably best to check the attractions on the page below.

Season Ticket

It is possible to purchase season tickets both online and at the Ticketing Office. Use the link below to purchase a season ticket online.

It is not possible to transfer a season ticket to third parties. You can give a season ticket as a gift, but an existing season ticket cannot be transferred to third parties.

A 2024 season ticket gives access to Mondo Verde from the day of purchase through December 31, 2024.

Please report this to the Mondo Verde Reception. Here a duplicate will be printed for you. We do charge €5,00 for printing your second season ticket.

Yes, on the day of your visit we will take a picture of you if you want to purchase a season ticket. This picture will be linked to your season ticket.

You as a season ticket holder will have to pay €6,00 for All You Can Eat every time you visit Mondo Verde.

A Mondo Verde season ticket allows you to visit the park throughout the season. It also entitles you to discounts at affiliated parks of Dier & Park, Pakawi Park, Billybird Parks and Kinderstad Heerlen.

A €25.00 parking strip pass is offered for 10 parking spaces when visiting Mondo Verde. This can only be used in combination with a valid season ticket associated with the parking strip pass.

Per day you will receive 1 parking token for the parking strip pass. Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive all coins at once. If you have lost your parking token, you will have to buy a new token and pay the regular fee.

Lost and Found

Items found by Mondo Verde employees are brought to the Reception. Here they will remain for one month. Reception can be reached at 045-5350161 or by emailing

No, unfortunately it is not possible to rent a locker.

No, unfortunately it is not possible to rent a wagon.

Park Regulations and Safety

Yes. However, photos taken during your visit to Mondo Verde may only be used in strict family context. Mondo Verde is a private domain and any commercial or professional use of photos taken at Mondo Verde requires prior request or permission.

Yes, it is possible to have a wedding photo shoot in Mondo Verde. You can find the adjusted rates at the link below.

Yes. For security reasons, Mondo Verde reserves the right to inspect clothes and personal items at the entrance and in the park itself.

Job Opportunities

We regularly have new vacancies. You can find these on our website.

Yes, it is possible to do an internship. Please contact These employees will forward your application to the relevant department.

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