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Breeding behavior observed among the Luzon hornbills

Among the Luzon hornbills in the world garden the Tropical Paradise, breeding activity has been spotted.  Currently, the pair is busy walling in the nesting box.

In the wild, the Luzon hornbill (Penelopides manillae) lives in northern parts of the Philippines. Here, this bird species is found mainly in the rain forests.

The Luzon hornbill breeds in hollow trees, just like Woodpeckers. In a tree, it is dry and safe. The Luzon hornbill bricked up the entrance to the burrow with fruit and poop, leaving a thin slit open.

The female remains nesting in the burrow by herself. She stays in the burrow until her young are so large that she can barely fit inside. In the meantime, her male feeds her through the small opening in the masonry. The female is completely dependent on the male during the breeding season.

Mondo Verde hopes for successful natural breeding.