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Grey Crowned Crane

Place to admire: Animal Plaza & China

Scientific name: Balearica regulorum

IUCN-status: Endangered


The Grey Crowned Crane inhabits wetlands and savannas in western, southern and eastern Africa. It is found there mostly along rivers.

They usually breed in the marshlands, making this type of landscape a priority for this bird species. On the grassy plains nearby, they look for food.


When standing, the Grey Crowned Crane has a size of 1.5 meters. A large bird with long legs.

The Grey Crowned Crane has gray hair, but on its back the feathers turn white and brown. On the head it has small yellow feathers, shaped like a crown. This, of course, also explains its name.

When it goes flying, it stretches its neck all the way out. When standing, it has a S-shaped neck.


This species of bird eats grass and seeds, as well as insects. By stamping its toes on the ground, insects rise to the surface from the soil. With its beak, it eventually toddles the insects out of the ground.

Social behavior

Grey Crowned Cranes can live in groups of 6 to 20 birds in nature. This species of bird is known for the ‘art of dancing’. During a dance, the birds jump in the air and their wings go half-open. They circle each other and sometimes take a bow. With this behavior, males try to impress females. This is also called ‘courtship’. Once a male and female have chosen each other, they stay together for an entire breeding season.

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