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Black Panther

Place to admire: Animal Plaza

Scientific name: Panthera pardus

IUCN-status: Least concern


The territory of the Black Panther consists of African and Asian areas. In these areas, the Black Panther lives in dense jungles and high-altitude forests.


The Black Panther is a carnivore. Meaning that the Black Panther eats exclusively meat. In the wild, the Black Panther primarily hunts larger prey, including medium-sized mammals, such as Deer, Mule Pigs, Pigs and Goats. In addition, the Black Panther also eats smaller animals, such as Hares, Rodents, Birds, Snakes and Fish.

When the Black Panther has killed its prey, it climbs a tree with its meal. It does this so it can keep its meal safe from other rival predators.


The Black Panther is not a specific subspecies of Panther. The Black Panther has more melanism in its DNA, which turns the fur black. Often you can still see the panther print through the black color. This gives this species a different camouflage, which it takes advantage of while hunting.

Social behavior

The Black Panther lives sedentary, with several females sharing territory with a male.

Natural behavior

By placing droppings and urine at the end of its territory, the Black Panther marks off its territory. In addition, the Black Panther also scratches its paws into trees to mark its territory.

Often the Black Panther chooses to hunt at night. The black fur puts this species at an advantage at night. The pigment melanin allows the Black Panther to manipulate prey in the dead of night. In fact, the fur turns into an invisible cloak in the dark, allowing for a higher success rate in the hunting game.

The Stork has descended on Mondo Verde near the Panther enclosure

On Thursday, June 8, 2023, the Zookeepers of Mondo Verde came with joyous news. The only Black Panther couple in the Netherlands has given birth to two black cubs. The mother and cubs are doing well.

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