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Bengal Tiger

Place to admire: Africa

Scientific name: Panthera tigris tigris

IUCN-status: Endangered

General information

The Bengal Tiger is known to be an endangered species. This is due to the disappearance of its habitat and frequent poaching. Not only are they killed for their fur, but also for the preparation of traditional East Asian medicines.


The Bengal Tiger lives in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal. Here it lives solitary.

The natural habitat of the Bengal Tiger consists of tropical moist evergreen forests, tropical dry forests, tropical and subtropical moist deciduous forests, mangroves, subtropical and temperate upland forests, and alluvial grasslands. Here, this species is most often found in dense jungle, mangroves, and swamps.


The Bengal Tiger has orange, brown to orange-yellow fur with vertical stripes (brown or black). The belly side, cheeks and the area around the eyes turn white.

There is also a white variant of the Bengal Tiger, such as in our park the Bengal Tiger ‘Hugo‘.


In wildlife, the Bengal Tiger eats mainly Aristotle Deer, but also wild pigs, Axis deer and fish from mangroves. In addition, this species also eats large animals such as Rhinos, Elephant calves and Gaur.

Natural behavior

The Bengal Tiger hunts mostly at night. It then stalks its prey through the tall grass or undergrowth. Then he bites the prey in a sudden jerk in the throat. He holds his prey here until the prey is no longer alive. The day itself, they spend while sleeping.

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