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Morocco, a country with an explosion of colors

In Mondo Verde, you travel to one of the four royal cities of Morocco, Marrakesh. This city has a positive mix of a rich past, everyday Moroccan life and hidden gems. In the alleys and streets, you won’t see anything special at first, but behind the facades you will find the most beautiful spots.

Blue Garden of Majorelle

Behind the conifers you will find the hidden gem of Mondo Verde, Marrakesh. There are many landscaped gardens in this city. The Blue Garden of Majorelle is known as one of the most beautiful gardens of this city. This garden accentuates itself with Moroccan architecture, exotic plants, and French influences. We must thank designers Jacques Majorelle, and later Yves Saint-Laurent for these influences.

On either side of the paths of Majorelle’s Blue Garden are exotic plant beds and water features. Today, water also remains an important component in Majorelle’s Blue Garden. The creation of water features created a peaceful character. In addition, a beautiful lily pond, several canals and fountains also shine through the park.

If you visit the Moroccan Garden, the bright blue walls and buildings are especially striking. These were painted by Mondo Verde in a specific cobalt blue color, which artist Majorelle often used in his paintings. Today, this color is known as majorelle blue. Yellow details and orange pottery can be found on floors, creating a harmonious contrast with the blue facades.

Morocco, a variety of flora


The Yucca (Yucca) is native to Central and South America. This evergreen perennial develops huge straight up inflorescences. A group of flowers with their stem segments is called an inflorescence. The flowering period of the Yucca falls between late June and July.
The leaves of this plant feel hard and look pointed. The length of a leaf is about 50 to 70 centimeters. The flowering stems reach a height between 140 and 160 centimeters.

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