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Living in Italy, a picturesque existence

Few places in the world are more pleasant to stay than in a Tuscan courtyard. The blue light of the sunrise that floods the landscape with its rolling hills, paths through tall cypress trees overshadowing the peaceful tranquility of rural life. How many painters did paint near Florence and Sienna? Not only do you see beautiful Tuscany in Mondo Verde, but also Rome’s Trevi Fountain!

Tuscan Villa

Everywhere in Italy you will find traditional Italian architecture. In Mondo Verde you will visit a traditional Tuscan Villa. This work of art is characterized as a strictly symmetrical building.

Trevi Fountain

To accentuate the Roman influences, Mondo Verde recreated the Trevi Fountain, the largest and most famous fountain in Rome, Lazio. The fountain can be found in the Piazza dei Crociferi. In 1732, Nicola Salvi designed this work of art. Eleven years later, Giuseppe Pannini completed the construction. The name “Trevi” comes from the words “tre” “via,” meaning three roads, a reference to the intersection of three streets at which the Trevi Fountain flows.

Sea god Neptune

This monument includes the majestic sea god Neptune on a shell-shaped chariot. Seahorses and tritones pull him toward the ocean. One seahorse stands quietly and the other seahorse rears, a reference of the two faces of the ocean.  

Fontana del Tritone

Not only the Trevi Fountain can be found in Mondo Verde, but also the Fontana del Tritone. In Rome’s Piazza Barberini stands the masterpiece of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the father of Baroque art: the Fontana del Tritone. The son of the sea god Neptune, Triton (half man, half fish) blows water from a trumpet shell. This symbolizes immortality.

Italy, a variety of flora

Upright European hornbeam

Upright European hornbea (Carpinus betulus fastigiata) is native to western, central, and southern Europe and western Asia. In these areas, this tree species needs mainly a moist, nutrient-rich, and calcareous soil. 

In Mondo Verde, the Upright European hornbeam grows columnar. This monoecious tree species has both male and female flowers, which occur on one plant.

The Upright European hornbeam blooms in April and May. The wind then disperses pollen from the flowers. The leaves are scattered on the bare grayish branches. The elliptical leaves look pinnate and have a double serrated edge, a heart-shaped base, and a pointed tip. The Upright European hornbeams in the park serve as an alternative to cypress.

Chinese wisteria

Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinensis)
is native to China, hence the designation sinensis. This vine has 25-centimeter-long flower clusters. These clusters bloom in the months of May to June. Because the flower clusters have a considerable weight, the plant must be supported. The plant grows approximately to a height of 8 to 10 meters.

Chinese wisteria is somewhat related to the Golden rain (Laburnum anagyroides). They belong to the same family, only they do not belong to the same genus. 

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