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Folies Forest

Folies forest, a forest full of fantasy and mythology

Dream away with the mythological figures of ancient Greece. Yes, that is possible in Folies Forest. Here you wander into your own fantasies. Not only nature accentuates the mythological figures, but also the wonderful animal species that live in this world garden.


All kinds of frivolities come together in Folies Forest. These date from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. They used these frivolities to decorate gardens of Italian, French and German castles. The owner and architect joked with these frivolities. So mythological figures, impressive creatures and curious little buildings ended up in the garden. Mondo Verde selected the most beautiful creations and recreated them in Folies Forest.


At the first bridge in Folies Forest stands the Dolphin. This curious fish initially looks like a pike or carp, but certainly not a dolphin. According to Greek mythology, Flipper looked different, than the present-day representation of a dolphin.


A little further into the Folies Forest is Pegasus, a horse with wings from Greek mythology. Pegasus was created from the blood of the severed head of Medusa (snake-haired monster). This statue of Pegasus symbolizes immortality. Later poets came to this statue. According to legend, poets should sit on Pegasus. This gives them a chance to escape realityand it is said to stimulate the writing of verses.

Giant of Apennines

In the Gardens of Francesco de Medici (near Florence, Italy), came a huge colossus. Italian artist Giambolognadesigned a gigantic statue, the Giant of Apennines, out of rock. People carved this statue by hand from rocks. The statue represents a gigantic, prehistoric creature. He has a fierce forest of hair and beard. Under his left hand, he holds the water-spitting head of a monster pressed to the ground. According to legend, he thereby protects the world from evil. Some historians claim that the sculpture symbolizes the Italian mountain range. Mondo Verde has recreated this sculpture in the Folies Forest.

Folies forest, a diversity of fauna