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The Pearl

The pearl of Mondo Verde

The pirates want to conquer a piece of Mondo Verde. They want to come ashore with the pirate ship called ‘The Pearl’. The rough sea causes The Pearl to soar high into the sky. Will you help the pirates to brave the rough sea? Once ashore, the pirates and you will see the beautiful scenery and the many treasures Mondo Verde has to offer…



Not suitable


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For pregnant women.

For people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

For people with back disorders.

For physical handicapped people who cannot hold on adequately.

For people with heart failure.

For people who are visibly ill.

For children shorter than 120 centimeters.

To keep arms and legs outboard.

To smoke.

To bring food or beverages with you.

To bring bags, cell phones, umbrellas, etc. with you.


Close the bracket.

Supervision for children under 140 cm.

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