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Pirate Splash

Arr! Pirates

The Pirates have conquered a part of Mondo Verde with their Pirate Splash. All hands on deck as you brave the water pool to defeat the Pirates. But watch out for the Pirates’ big attacks, which consist of ferocious water spectacles. Face all the slides to defeat the Pirates.

Get your swimsuits, bathing suits, beach towels, sunglasses, sunscreen … out of the closet for the Pirate Splash. The water attraction includes a water pool (of 0.2 meters), 6 slides and water equipment.


Capra has already spotted you before you even entered the raging sea. He is already on guard to chase you away. Through the untamed turns with beams of light he tries to defeat you. Who will win?


Iguana tries to scare you through a half-open slide. Do you slide down without a scream? Then you have made a great triumph because Iguana is defeated!


You only conquer Suricata by teamwork. After all, you must go down in pairs at the same time to defeat him. Does one of you two come down before the other one? Then Suricata has won the game!


Slide through the indoor red slide Pardus at full speed to defeat the Pirate. Beware of the many-colored lights, with which the Pirates try to hypnotize you.


Will you survive Pavo.. Pavo is trying to scare you with his blue color. Can you still recognize him, or will you quickly go upstairs?


Slide Simia is coming after you with its many circular turns. Can you get out of the slide without feeling nauseous? Then you have beaten Simia!



Not suitable


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For pregnant women.

For people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

For physical handicapped people.

For people who are visibly ill.

To bring food or beverages with you.

To wear metal zippers, buckles or straps when entering the basin.

To climb on railings and fences.

To jump off the platform.

To slide down a slide with multiple people, unless a child is accompanied by an adult.

To fight at the Pirate Splash.

To make human chains.

To throw objects off the platform.

To block the end of the slide.

To smoke.

To run, dive, twist, jump, stand, kneel, or stop in the slide.



Maximum 1 person per slide, unless a child slides under the supervision of an adult.

After sliding down the slide, quickly exit the catch basin.

When wearing glasses, wearing an eyeglass lanyard is mandatory.

Children with diapers are required to wear swim diapers.

Do not change body positions in the slide.

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