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Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Place to admire: Tropical Paradise

Scientific name: Goura victoria

IUCN-status: Near threatened

General Information

People used to hunt the Victoria Crowned Pigeon because of its meat and crown feathers. They used these feathers for ceremonies. These 2 reasons help ensure that this bird species now has a vulnerable status. 


In wildlife, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon lives in New Guinea and on the islands near Yellowfinch Bay.

Its natural habitat consists of swamp and sago palm forests. It also occurs in arid forests. It lives mainly in the lowlands.


The Victoria Crowned Pigeon weighs about 2.5 kilograms and has a size between 66 and 74 centimeters. On the head you can see a crown, consisting of crested feathers. These feathers are broadly adorned with a white color. The tips are shaped like a spatula.

This species of bird has a general dark gray-blue color with a dark crimson breast. The wings color light gray to blue with a dark purple border. The legs and feet also have a crimson color, and the beak is dark gray. 

Surely the special thing about this bird are its eyes. In fact, the iris has a red to crimson color!


The diet of the Victoria Crowned Pigeon consists of fallen fruits, berries, and seeds.

Natural behavior

In nature, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon lives in groups of 2 to 10 compatriots.

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