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Rufous Hornbill

Place to admire: Tropical Paradise

Scientific name: Buceros hydrocorax

IUCN-status: Vulnerable


The Rufous Hornbill lives in the Philippines. Here, this species is found in evergreen primary forests. It also lives locally in high secondary forest. It can be found up to an altitude of 2,100 meters!


This species has a size of 60 to 65 centimeters. So, this means a large hornbill. It has a reddish color with brown and black. The tail turns completely white, often with a light brown tint. The beak and horn have a cosmetic red color.


The Rufous Hornbill feeds mainly on fruits and seeds, such as figs and wild guava. It also sometimes eats insects and centipedes.

Natural behavior

This bird species forages in the canopy. It also sometimes comes to the low bushes or even on the ground to hunt. In its flights, it also chases insects.

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