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Red-and-Green Macaw

Place to admire: Tropical Paradise & China

Scientific name: Ara Chloropterus

IUCN-status: Least concern


The Red-and-Green Macaw belongs to the macaw family. In wildlife, this macaw species is found in northern to central part of South America. The landscape varies from a humid rainforest to mountain areas with an altitude of 1,500 meters.


The Red-and-Green Macaw grows to about 90 centimeters and weighs about 1 kilogram. Red-and-Green Macaws have deep red plumage. The wings turn from red to green to blue. The tail turns blue and red. The naked skin around the cheeks and eyes turns white. Narrow strips of small red feathers grow on this naked skin.

Red-and-Green Macaws have a tremendously strong beak. With this, the macaw cracks open hard nuts and seeds to eat.

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