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Black Swan

Place to admire: Australia

Scientific name: Cynus atratus

IUCN-status: Least concern

General Information

The Black Swan is known as the iconic symbol of Australia and as the symbol of Western Australia. 


The world garden Australia in Mondo Verde is the home for the Black Swans. In wildlife, this species is found in Australia. But they also live in Tasmania (island of Australia) and New Zealand.

The Black Swan prefers large lakes and lagoons with relatively shallow water. The water is fresh water or brackish water. Outside the breeding season, this species can also be found in a variety of waters such as rivers and coastal waters.


The Black Swan follows an almost completely vegetarian diet. It eats various aquatic plants, algae, and pondweeds.

Natural behavior

This species obtains its food mainly by ‘upending’. With ‘upending,’ the Black Swan submerges its head and legs to feed. The tail is raised in the air. The long neck also allows the Black swan to gather food underwater. It also grazes in dry meadows and flooded fields. 

The breeding season of the Black Swan varies according to location. Usually, the breeding season adjusts to the highest period of water level.

During the breeding season, Black Swans form colonies. The nest consists of a large mound of floating, flat material on the water. Sometimes they also make the nest on the ground.  

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