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Australia, a country of many contrasts

In Australia, red monoliths grew into tourist attractions in the middle of the desert. Ayers Rock, respectfully referred to by Aborigines as “Holy Mountain,” and Big Marbles together formed the inspiration for Mondo Verde’s Australian Garden. Would you also like to visit the Bennett wallabies in this landscape?


Australia has 6 states and two territories, each with its own beauty and character. The country is known for its different climates, seasons, and variety of landscapes. Vibrant coastal cities, vast red deserts and more than 10,000 beaches also give Australia its character. 


Not only does Australia have special bird species, but in general Australia provides a diversity of special animal species. Consider the marsupials. In the so-called Scrublands live kangaroos, among others. The smaller Wallabies, as seen in Mondo Verde, also originate here.

Because the continent of Australia has been isolated and around water for a long time, flora and fauna have never had the chance to make the jump to the mainland. As a result, these flora and fauna have only continued to develop on this continent.

The Land Down Under

“The Land Down Under” literally and figuratively means the other side of the world. From the changing seasons to which way, you drive on the road, but also the special wildlife of, for example, birds you’ve never met before.  Australia is home to about 800 species of birds, from large to countless smaller species.

Great Barrier Reef

Because of the variety of landscapes, Australia has something for everyone. For example, Australia has deep canyons, unusual rock formation, a rainforest, elongated beaches, and coral reefs. Australia is also the home for the largest coral reef in the world. The Great Barrier Reef has a width of 2,000 kilometers. Here, of course, live a huge variety of fish species! Due to pollution in the seawater and years of tourist pressure, the existence of this reef is in danger of extinction. Many fish species are threatened with extinction. That is why UNESCO placed the Great Barrier Reef on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1981.


Australia also has much to offer in terms of art and culture. You can still admire art from the first inhabitants of this country, the Aborigines. This people characterize themselves as a typical nomadic people and care very little about decorating their shelter. Nevertheless, art took an important place in this culture. Their source of inspiration: the Dreamtime. In Mondo Verde you can admire several paintings inspired by the Aboriginal art form.

Australia, a diversity of flora


The eccentric cactus species of Mondo Verde can be admired from May to October. In winter, Mondo Verde must place these plants in a protected environment.

Australia, a diversity of fauna