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Mondo Verde goes VERDE

In 2022, Mondo Verde kicked off with Mondo Verde goes VERDE. Initially, the plastic cups at the slush ice cream were taken away to be more sustainable and to reduce waste. Due to great success of the REUSABLE slush ice cream cup, Mondo Verde has now its own cup with a straw.
The reusable slush ice cream cups are on sale for €1.50 each.

To continue sustainability and combat disposable products, the cardboard coffee cups are no longer available. You can consume the hot beverages (such as coffee, tea, etc.) of the All You Can Eat with the REUSABLE coffee cup.
The reusable coffee cups can be purchased for €1.00 each.

The REUSABLE slush ice cream cups and coffee cups are the ideal souvenirs of Mondo Verde. Be sure to take your purchased cup home to reuse it too!

Of course, you may also bring your own slush ice cream cup or coffee cup from home. A coffee cup with a capacity of +200 ml and a slush ice cup with a capacity of +250 ml are unfortunately not allowed.

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