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Adopt an Animal

Support your favorite animal!

In Mondo Verde, you will discover your world. During your visit, you will discover beautiful world gardens and amazing animals. In wildlife, many species are in danger of extinction due to human actions. Our animals are the ambassadors for the wild species. Together we will make an effort to ensure that species do not disappear.

Do you want the very best for your favorite animal? With a contribution you support your chosen animal and help with nature conservation. Mondo Verde has created several adoption packages, through which you symbolically adopt an animal. The adoption packages are valid for a period of 1 year and are automatically renewed. Your contribution will cover feed costs, maintenance of the enclosure, implementation of additional enrichment elements, improvement of animal welfare and any veterinary costs for your chosen animal. Discover below the different adoption packages with benefits both for your chosen animal and yourself.

Adoption Package 1

Included in Adoption Package 1:

PRICE €25,-

Adoption Package 2

Included in Adoption Package 3:

PRICE €50,-

Adoption Package 3

Wat zit er inbegrepen in Adoptiepakket 3:

PRICE €75,-

Adoption Package 4

Included in Adoption Package 4:

PRICE €100,-

Adoption Package 5

Included in Adoption Package 5:

PRICE €125,-

Adoption Package 6

Included in Adoption Package 6:

PRICE €250,-

Adoption Package 7

Included in Adoption Package 7:

PRICE €500,-

I want to adopt an animal, but which one?

For your symbolic adoption, you have a choice from the list below of all the animals present in our park.


Cleaning Service ‘t Hoen has adopted the African Lions in Mondo Verde.

Ger Van Loon has adopted the Mini Donkeys. 

Adoption Terms:

Adoption Form