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The first step

Is your child going to make communion and are you looking for a venue to celebrate? 
On this special day, the communicant is naturally the centre of attention. To make communion special and memorable, we offer a host of options, from a daytime celebration to an evening party! Our staff look forward to organising your child’s communion according to your needs and wishes.

At a celebration, you reserve a room for your communicant, yourself and your guests. This room will remain accessible throughout the day, with you planning with us. After the official part, the children have fun in the park with its many animal species and attractions. The adults fully enjoy the hall with its various options, world gardens, animals and attractions.

Discover the party locations

The World Garden Italy houses the following halls: Bernini, Da Vinci and Michelangelo. You can choose these halls separately or combined. The capacity indicated in the images is based on seated guests.

In the World Garden Spain there are the following halls: Alhambra and Mexuar. You can hire these halls separately or combined. The capacity is indicated in the images and is based on seated guests.


Mondo Verde has standard furnishings with luxury chairs, tables with luxury paper tablecloths, ecru-coloured tablecloths and candles on the table.

Would you like to take the decoration to a more luxurious level? Then we have an option for extra decoration. We cover the tables with white linen tablecloths. We decorate the chairs with chair covers fitted with a bow on the back. The standing tables will be covered with ecru-coloured covers. We will decorate the (standing) tables with vases filled with flowers.

Delicious afternoon

After the official part of the day, you must have developed an appetite for a delicious lunch. A delicious bread lunch will make your afternoon really special.

The lunch buffet includes various types of bread, fine meats, two types of cheese, various sweets, butter, coffee and tea. Delicious!

Delicious Communion cake

Of course, a communion cake needs to be accompanied by a delicious communion cake. Mondo Verde works together with Bakery Voncken. You can schedule an appointment with Bakery Voncken to brainstorm together about the Communion cake. Voncken Bakery also delivers the Communion cake to Mondo Verde. So there are no more worries. Would you prefer to order the Communion cake from another bakery? Yes, but you will have to pay a higher service charge.

Communion photos

To capture this magical day forever, there is the option to also take beautiful communion photos in the park. Your guests explore the park in the meantime. After the photo shoot, it’s time to all go on the rollercoaster. Yay!

Party package

Mondo Verde also offers a special all-in party package for five hours. Extension of this package is possible. This way, you will know in advance what costs await you. This package includes the following items:

You can book this package as from 30 adult persons. Would you like to enjoy this party package for longer? You pay € 7,50 extra per hour per person.

Discover the catering options

During the evening party, we naturally provide the communicant, you and your guests with delicious food. This is why we have put together various buffets.

The above prices serve as a guideline, within which we will create a perfectly tailored package for you. For example, a shorter drinks package is always possible, whereby the remaining hours are counted. Other lunches, are also possible if discussed in advance.

In short, celebrating a communion at Familiepark Mondo Verde is tailor-made and we differentiate ourselves through our personal commitment and flexibility! We think along with you and together we will make your special day unforgettable!

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