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Sky Dive

Flying cableway

The steward gives green light to take off. Just push the button and let’s go. Open plane with one seat? You take off slowly and fly backwards at full speed over the lake and Monkey Island. Be careful the Ring-tailed Lemurs don’t get you. Afterwards, you fly back to the runway. Oh, you arrived just in time for the next flight.



Not suitable


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For people heavier than 100 kg.

For pregnant women.

For people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

For people with back disorders.

For physical handicapped people who cannot hold on adequately.

For people with heart failure.

For people who are visibly ill.

For children shorter than 105 centimeters.

To keep arms and legs outboard.

To bring food or beverages with you.

To bring bags, cell phones, umbrellas, etc. with you.

To smoke.


Close the bracket.

Maximum of 1 person per ride.

Maximum 1 of person allowed on the platform.

Waiting people must remain behind the yellow line.

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