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Havana's Tornado

Storm at Sea

The pirate ship has entered a raging storm. Will you survive this heavy tornado? The raging blue sea pushes the pirate ship up and down. The ship also spins in circles…. Whaahhh! This exciting free fall makes for an adventurous ride packed with adrenaline.



Not suitable


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For pregnant women.

For people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

For people with back disorders.

For physically handicapped people who cannot board independently.

For people with heart failure.

For people who are visibly ill.

For children shorter than 90 centimeters.

For people whose height or build prevents them from properly closing the safety bar and straps.

To bring food or beverages with you.

To bring bags, cell phones, umbrellas, etc. with you.

To smoke.


To close the bracket.

Supervision for children under 105 centimeters.

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