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Alps Floß

Do not try to sink

To cross the lake to the “Alpine region,” you must face the water. And yes, not a luxury yacht or speedboat, but a wooden raft. This means some family work. You must work together to get to the other side. One is on guard and the others must pull the rope. You might see the Great Sturgeon or a Kingfisher along the way. Once you reach the other side, you admire the wild nature of the ‘Alpine region’ together. And now, we have to do it again..



Not suitable


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For pregnant women.

For people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

For people with back disorders.

For physical handicapped people who cannot hold on adequately.

For people with heart failure.

For people who are visibly ill.

Going with more than 6 people on the raft.

To swing.

To smoke.

To bring food or beverages on the raft with you.

To bring bags, cell phones, umbrellas, etc. on the raft with you.


Supervision of children under 12 years of age.

Mandatory supervision for children without a swimming certificate.


Water depth of 105 cm.

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